Thursday, December 2, 2010

What I am Loving Today

I am obsessing about these fashion trends. I have been going crazy lately with capes, coats, and large sweaters, I am loving this winter trend. What I like most about this Fall/Winter season is that any color basically goes, i.e. Camel, and even red, we have short waist leather to red coats, one can really go insane with shopping.

The Camel Coat

Camel coats provide an uptown classic which are both timeless and age-defying. Having first emerged on last fall’s runways, camel coats for this season come in every possible permutation and tone (from buff, caramel and cognac to toffee, taupe and nutmeg.) Find bold new cuts from wraparound and oversized mannish shapes to ankle-grazing and hooded. Cinch in a camel coat with a slim tonal tan belt for some extra glamor. Be careful to choose a shade that flatters your skintone.

Red Coats

I love red on winter coats. There’s nothing like a bright splash of colour on a dull winter day to make you feel that little bit more cheerful.

The Cape

The cape provides one of the most distinctive and practical wardrobe pieces for Fall/Winter 2010. On-trend, cozy and comfortable, capes come in all shapes, sizes and cuts and look stylish no matter whether a woman is 20 or 60. From hooded, fur-embellished, military-style to floor-sweeping, designers embraced the cape as one of fall’s biggest fashion stories. However, balance out the look by keeping a lean silhouette underneath.

Leather Jackets

Have you noticed, the leather jacket has gotten sexier and more versatile? A good leather jacket should be able to be worn with anything from a grungy pair of jeans to a cocktail dress.

Fuax Fur

This season, I have been seeing faux fur everywhere: coats, hats, vests. I think it's fun to add a little soft-to-the-touch, cozy element to any fall/winter outfit. But please don't overdo it. Nobody wants to see a real-life animal walking through the office. To achieve an elegant and appropriate look, try using only one faux fur piece that compliments an, otherwise, plain outfit.



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