Thursday, March 3, 2011

Choosing Your Wedding Gown.

Choosing your wedding Gown,

I am super excited to blog regarding gowns, because this the actual picture, I had found in my bridal magazine back on 2007, when I first fell in love with my gown, This is my beautiful dress, that I loved it then and still love it now.
My original vision was to wear something much more fitted trumpet style than this one with a lighter fabric. Iwas petite 115 pd at 5'1 so I thought a thicker fabric would overwhelm me. I did try on over 100 different dresses, but when I tried this one on it was just ME! Simply put.

The dress in the photo is Champagne in color, whereas, mine was Diamond White. The fabric is silky Taffeta with VERY slight ruching in the bodice and waistline . The beadwork on the bodice and left hip is VERY shiny and sparkly (Just as I like it!) It also has a longer train which is hardly visible in this photo.

There are many factors that go into looking perfect on the special day of your wedding. One of the most important factors is the wedding dress you choose to wear. Choosing the perfect dress becomes one of the most critical decisions a bride will undertake during the wedding planning process.

It would be wise to begin searching for a wedding dress as far in advance of the wedding date as possible; probably seven to ten months in advance or even a year, if there is that much time built into the wedding planning process. Do try on as many dresses as possible because, just like there is no one perfect car or house, there is no single perfect wedding dress, I tried on 39 dressing on my first dress searching day, yes my friends the first day.

As you begin to try on wedding dresses, look at various colors, fabrics, and styles. Even if white is the only option for color, there are countless shades of white to choose from. Fabrics are important because the time of year the wedding is held will determine what type of fabric will work best for the season. The style of wedding dress must match your personality. Choosing either a long or short length will determine what accessories you can choose from, as well as setting the tone as to how formal the occasion will be. There are hundreds of different styles of wedding dresses to choose from and give you the perfect selection.

The key factor in choosing the perfect wedding dress is how it will look on you. The dress needs to highlight all your best physical attributes, and your personality. The right dress can cover up certain areas you don’t want exposed. On the more positive side, what you consider your most beautiful elements can be highlighted. Sleeveless gowns can show great arms. Backless gowns will show a beautiful back. Cleavage can be over and under emphasized at your discretion. A good piece of advice here is to take along one or more of your closest friends or family to help you choose the perfect style. Sometimes a reality check may be in order to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

One final choice, the least glamorous of all the things you have to consider, is price. The price of that perfect dress has to be within your budgetary considerations. There can be many headaches avoided if you find the dress to fit your budget rather than making your budget fit the price of the dress, trust me I went a little over board with my dress but for me it was worth it.

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