Monday, March 21, 2011

Simple Mommy Note

Mom Note From Me To You!

As a mom of of two, I understand how difficult it is to balance a career and family obligations. As moms we understand the word sacrifice and at times have given it new meaning. As I meander through my day and fall into bed at night exhausted, I often wonder how women like myself do it. How do busy moms and wives hold it all it together while staying utterly fashionable? I ponder this question quite often because it is so easy to get overwhelmed by life an motherhood. More often than not, I see moms shelping about in "mom" jeans and wearing their workout gear from the early am late into the afternoon. But then every so often I spot that mom that has red hot style. Moms, it is okay at times to dress down, but we must try to always look good even if we are not walking in heels all day, this helps your self esteem, also let us not forget we must look good for our husbands. I find myself, on days that all I want to do is walk around in sweats and when I feel this is way... then I do just that, without allowing this to turn into a habit. I need to dress up, I need my heels in my life and the makeup, this makes me feel me and pretty and it even helps the mood change from sloppy and tired to pretty and sexy!!! Now vamp up my mommy friends Lets get PRETTY!
there is nothing sexier and prettier than a good looking hot mommy :)


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