Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ten Exercise Tips

I have been working out consistently for the past month and half, although I am no expert no am I in shape I wanted to share the 10 tips in exercising... I recently started working out with a trainer and here are some tips I put together.

  1. See your doctor before you start any exercise program. Get a full physical to make sure everything's in working order, then find a personal trainer in your neighborhood and make an appointment with him or her for a consultation. Most trainers will give you a free consultation and help you figure out what your fitness level is, your body fat and circumference measurements, and the right way to start a program.
  2. Start Slow! Many beginners make the mistake of doing too much when they first start out. If you haven't worked out in a while (or ever) start with a walking program of about 20 to 30 minutes, 3 days a week. Each session, add a few minutes to your workout to progress each week.
  3. Write down your workouts every day, making notes about what you did, how you felt and how you improved since your last workout, you may find a book that is the workout journal at you gym. I keep a journal with this book its a 12 week accomplishment.
  4. Schedule your workouts each week, just like you would a doctor's appointment.
  5. Harass your best friend, spouse or significant other into working out with you, I personally do not have a problem working out on my own, but I am lucky enough to also have tons of friends and my husband who also attends to the same health club I do, which means I am always working out with someone.
  6. Every day, ask yourself how you will make your life healthier. It can be as simple as drinking more water or parking farther away from the front door, trust me some little scarfacies every day comes in handy.
7. Reward yourself! Give yourself a massage when you reach your goals, or maybe some new workout clothes or a new shirt to go with your new weight.

8. Set daily or weekly goals. Long term goals are great, but are so far away we often forget why we're working so hard. To stay motivated, write down a daily or weekly goal and then follow number 7 (rewarding yourself) if you reach it.

9. Prepare for your workout the night before by packing your gym bag or, if you work out at home, laying out your workout clothes so when you get home, you're ready to go, I keep my gym bag in my car, just in case I decide to go straight from work.

10. Eat regularly throughout the day so you don't bonk during your workout.


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