Thursday, January 20, 2011

Looking Good While Working Out

Celebs In their work out gear!

Kate Beckinsale

Kim Kardashian

Kate Beckinsale

Jessica Biel

Kim and Khole

Hilary Duff

In dedication to my hard week, at the GYM, yes people I am trying to hit the gym hardcore, i gained way too much in the past few months... now it's time to get back in my game. I am posting celebs who dress up cute to go to the gym, this actually inspires and kind of motivates me, that even if i am going to work out I should still look good and this will make you feel good as well and who knows maybe you can extend the time of your workout.
Hope this motivates you too, I am trying to make 2011 a healthy bikini body for me... Lets do this together!

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