Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentines Day

I will be blogging in the upcoming weeks valentines day ideas, plans, gifts etc... Today I share what i consider a beautiful wedding picture on the night stand. I love this :) I will probably share some private home pictures here and there of my husband and i. Since Valentines is around the corner, I figure i post some pics and of friends too because i a firm believer the Valentines is celebrating friendship as well.

I believe that valentines day doesn't have to be one day a year. I also believe that you have to love with all of your heart and soul, i know giving yourself completely to someone can be scary, but let's take the chance, hey isn't that what life is about.

Always remember, there is never a bad time to tell your loved one how you feel about them. I text my husband every morning with a good morning and I love you! I can honestly say that the most amazing gift you can give someone is your heart. Cherish your time together and make every day Valentines Day :)


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