Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Winter Must Haves

Staying Warm

I always look forward to the winter season because it is fashion time, It’s also Christmas time and everyone gets together and celebrates the end of the year. But there’s one thing I absolutely despise about this season – the cold.

Although it’s warm inside, it’s always harder for me to get out of bed or do simple errands outside when the temperature starts sinking below freezing. Yet, during the winter, some of the most exciting things to do, like playing in the snow, tree lighting, are outside. Inside candles always lid, if you have a fireplace then you have the up and going.

So if you happen to be like me that can’t stand the cold, but don’t want to be discouraged by the weather, here are some simple solutions to beating the cold weather and staying warm, yet looking fabulous:

I can’t stress enough how great boots are in the winter. Not only are they stylish, they add a layer to your legs, keeping them warm. I recommend those that have some kind of fleece lining like the popular UGG boots, that i so much love and my husband so much hates.

Hats and Gloves Don’t run out of the house with these essentials. Although they might seem unnecessary at first, you’ll find that these accessories come in handy while you go for a stroll in the snow or find yourself window shopping at an outdoor mall. I personally love scarves very stylish.

Winter is so fun because you can wear lots of cute layers. Cable knit sweaters are some of my favorites because of their neat pattern and they look good in all sorts of colors.

These are by far one of the warmest coats I’ve come across.


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