Thursday, January 20, 2011

Obessesing Over Must Have

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If you know me aside from blogging, you know that I love sunglasses, my husband can testify to that for he is the one who has to buy them for me. I am obsessing over these Tom Ford sunglasses, they are a MUST HAVE for me.

Husband, if you look through my blog or browse and find this posting you know it is a must have for me since you claim i am your princess then you know what you must do!!! wink wink** you know how good i take care of the Gucci's Diors, Channels, Mark Jacobs, you have purchased for me.
Tom Ford Eye wear Sabrina Sunglasses for $390


Denise said...

U r too funny. My fiancé says I'm a spoiled brat, he has no idea!

Griselle said...

Ha ha that is what my husband is always saying. although he is very lucky I have taken it down a notch. lol

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