Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Black Dress

The Little Black Dress If there’s one thing every girl should have in their wardrobe, it’s the little black dress. Wearing an LBD is a fail-safe way to make it through any event looking classy and sophisticated, while fitting in with almost any dress-code. Attending an event can be a nerve-racking experience when faced with the possibility that you might show up wearing the same style or colour of dress as someone else. A black dress is a staple item you can make your own. There are many factors in wearing an LBD that make it a safe option when choosing an outfit. The style of dress you choose, the way it fits your body shape and the accessories you add to it will factor into making you look different to any other girl who has chosen to wear a black dress to the event you’re attending.

There are an oversupply of black dresses in the market ranging from form-fitting to comfortable and oversized. Black is a colour that looks great on anybody of any size, it’s all about finding the dress that sits well on your body and brings out the best in you. A trend currently seen in magazines is the effect of the bold shoulder. Shoulder embellishments add a bit of flair to a solid black dress without having to add in any accessories. If you’re tight for cash, purchasing a dress that features these embellished shoulders is a great choice as all you need to buy is the dress, then throw on a pair of shoes already in your wardrobe.



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