Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Honor Of My Vacation.. Traveling Chic.

I am aware of the economy situation that we are going through, therefore; blogging about travels may come a bit unreal for a lot of us... Well, I don't lose hope in the economy getting better this is why I 'm looking forward to my 2 vacations I have lined up! Anywhooo Leisure is not the only reason why people travel, most travel for business, I have friends who are constantly traveling on business and as do I at times. I was looking through my honeymoon pictures and I came across the pics I took at the airport and ....this is when my travel tips dawned on me, as I remember freezing my life away on the plane on our way to Mexico! I have decided to put together a few travel must haves. A side from the packer that I am. Even when I am going on a business trip for like 2 days I pack as if I will be out of town for 9 days!!!*
  • * a roomy tote--to store all of your stuff-make sure it has a ZIPPER-you do not want to lose anything
  • *a bottle of water--buy it once you're through security to keep you hydrated-makeup artist Bobbi Brown swears by this tip when she travels
  • *an iPod or iPad/ Laptop-to keep you entertained
  • *a cashmere throw-to keep you warm and in style
  • *lip balm-the dryness of the airplane can dry out your lips, too!
  • *this month's VOGUE/ELLE/GLAMOUR or INSTYLE-in my opinion, the best major fashion magazines, has enough substance to sustain you for a while
  • *if you are not into magazines (I mean who isn't)-you can indulge in a great book. I have a great Fashion Book called "How to walk in heels" I love it's my favorite book.
  • *big sunglasses- handy if you would like to avoid chatting to the person next to you,-I never leave home without my sunglasses, neither should you!
  • *dry perfume-make sure it is a scent you like-this is great because you can take it through security, and it will keep you freshened up
  • *a cloth headband or a head-tie-in case you want to get your hair out of your face
  • *your make-up bag -a girl always needs to retouch the face, make sure your make-up iswithin travel requirments!
  • * camera -memories are must, if you are similar to me you always carry your camera with you! I do my husband thinks I am crazy for always taking pictures of everyone and everything.
These are my tips, you can always apply some of these pointers for your next travels.
Happy Travels and remember always TRAVEL CHIC!

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