Monday, May 3, 2010

Is He What You Are Looking For?

No one will ever be the perfect person, that we all dream off, but we can all come close if we know what we want and look for. Below is a hummm i really don't want to say check list but some questions we should ask ourselves before committing into a relationship. God knows some of us make tons of mistakes in choose who we want to be with, but life is about learning and moving on when something doesn't work out.

Enjoy the list!

Passion: Does he have goals and dreams for his future? Is he committed to pursuing them?

Good Health & Habits: Does he take good care of himself (eat well, go to the gym, etc.)? Does he have any habits that are deal- breakers (Drug or alcohol abuse, smoking)?
Balanced Emotional State: Does he seem stable? (Beware of overly jaded types, those with excessive 'emotional baggage,' or men with rage issues or out-of-control mood swings.)

Treats You Well: Does he treat you with respect and consideration? How do you feel when you're around him - happy, relaxed, safe? If he makes you feel uneasy, insecure, controlled, or threatened, he is definitely not boyfriend material.

Treats Others Well: Is he friendly with his doorman? Is he kind to waitresses and generous with tips? If he's pleasant with other people it's a good sign that he's not just putting on an act for you.
Healthy Relationship Track Record:What is his dating history like? Is he a serial monogamist or the king of one-night stands? If he hasn't dated much (or at all), that could also be a red flag. If you know other women he's dated in the past, do they have good things to say about him?

Good Relationship With His Family: Is he close with his family? Does he treat his parents with respect? Is he friendly with his siblings? These are all good signs of a quality man. However....Beware of the Mama's Boy! A man who hasn't "cut the cord" with his mother is nothing but trouble - either he'll expect you to wait on him and make his bed OR you'll spend your life trying to live up to the perfect image of Mommy. Either way, it's not good - so get out now and save yourself for a man who will make you the #1 woman in his life!

Maturity Level: Does he follow through on his responsibilities? If he blows off a commitment to stay home and play Xbox, he may not be ready to meet the obligations of an adult relationship.

Things we should all look for. It is never too late to re-evaluate your relationships, or if you are getting to know someone.


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