Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Proud Of My Idea

I must admit of how proud of myself I am.
This past weekend I was invited to a birthday of a toddler, great friends of mine, however, I wanted to get a bit creative on the present... you know how most of the time we give as gifts clothes for the child, well I wanted to do something more creative for the birthday boy to enjoy vs opening his present with a cool aid smile and realizing it's an outfit... for us mommy's we love it...we enjoy this and think, that this is a less clothing item, I have to buy to get my little bundle of joy ready for the summer... well humm no, I am a true believer that a kids birthday should be all about the child, with this being said I used my mommy cap and created the present my self, of course with my kids helping as well.
Avove is the picture of what i made, I hope you all like it... I enjoyed being this creative and putting books and stuff together.
This gift contains the following:
A spider man little trash can as you can see, a spider man back pack folded in there you can see a little part of it on the side by where the card is, I also included but not seen in picture a spider man ball, a mickey mouse inflatable beach ball, in the back there is a Disney Winny the pooh coloring book, along with a few Disney Winny The Pooh reading books age appropriate, also in the front you find flash color cards for color learning, and a card signed by us :)
I enjoyed putting this together and going forward I will use my creativity along with my kids when putting together a gift. yay me.
Thanks L & B for helping me.

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