Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Live and Love

Happy Tuesday Lovers,

This weekend was my birthday, and I celebrated my birthday with most of the people I love and cherish, this is for you all, live and love because you only live once.

It’s only human nature to want what we can’t have – you know, something along the lines of that good old adage about “the grass being greener on the other side.” It is the unattainable that seduces us – it provides for us a challenge, a bit of mystery, and injection of interesting in comparison to what we already know and have. The majority of us live what we see as normal. Boring. Monotonous. We pine over the intangible, making ourself sick over material things, places, people that aren’t obtainable. We obsess and dedicate our lives to owning whatever it is we want, and can’t have.

And in that process we forget to appreciate what we do have, and what truly is best for us.

Let’s look at love (or lust) for instance; why is it that centuries of human romanticists have yearned for unrequited love? It’s seductive, it’s tantalizing, it’s interesting. It brings excitement to our otherwise boring lives – what fun is love returned? It’s expected, and so we take that unconditional love for granted.

We must be grateful for what we have, and what is given to us. The birds can fly anywhere on this Earth, and yet they choose to stay in the same place. Is it because they have seen the world when they were young, and have come to appreciate what they were first provided with? Perhaps – perhaps we should follow in their lead, and do the same. Let yourself see the world. Let yourself see, touch, feel, taste, hear the world, and experience every bit of it. Be adventurous and travel the world. Appreciate those who love you, and what is given to you – but that is not to say that you should simply accept that as everything. What you are given is meant to ground you, to give you a source on which you can rely upon. But what you are also given is potential to achieve.

Live with gratitude; whether noted mentally or listed, know what you are thankful for. Remember that, but also remember you only live once.


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