Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting The Pretty Back

She was pretty in pink and the star of Sixteen Candles. Now at 42 and a mother of three, Molly Ringwald has managed to "get her pretty back." The brat pack it girl of the '80s has penned an uncomfortably candid book about "friendship, family and finding the perfect lipstick" called Getting the Pretty Back ($18). It hits bookstore shelves today. On motherhood, she writes:

In the months after I delivered Mathilda, I would catch glimpses of myself in the mirror, each time thinking the same thing: Is that me? I couldn't get over the heft of my body. I would breast-feed my daughter and look down in horror to find my breasts were larger than her head. My husband came home from work one day to discover me in the bedroom, dissolved in tears. "It's true! It's true..." "What's true?" he asked, alarmed. "She got it all. She sucked the pretty out of me..."
Seems like a good summer read let's just say, Molly at 42 delivered her 3rd child, which proves that you can still be the pretty mommy in your 40's, I personally hate to hear people say oh well she is too old or you are to old to have a baby, please, if the ovaries are still working then by oh means do what makes you happy.

I will buy the book and give my feed back on this.


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