Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Better Day !Tip Of The Day

A Better Day!

There are certain things I never leave my house with out: My handbag, make-up, magazine, PDA and for the past year or two I don't leave with out a notebook, I have turned into a note taker, and a list maker. therefore a good notebook is always with-in reach.
I have realize, by writting and taking notes, not only will this help organized yourself but in some ways than other, it is a peace-maker, in which helps my day to day stress. As a mother and a wife with a busy schedule, my everyday life can get hectic to say the least, therefore; to stay organized and focused, I write everything down. The notebookI am currently using is a 3d demention with a fashion lady looking at herself in a hand held mirror, this not only adds glamour, beauty and sexyness to my day but inspires my thoughts, plans and dreams that are a part of living a beautiful life. Self Esteem!

I recommend people to do the same, this really helps!

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