Saturday, November 20, 2010

Styles That I Love

Styles That I Love, I always say and think that because you are a mom, you don't have to make your self look old and abandon, I am a true believer that one should always try to look their best specially if you are a young modern mother. Ladies, if by any chance you are feeling over weight and maybe not so pretty.... well here is my own personal tip, get back on that wagon, it is ok to feel like this; only okay if we are going to do something regarding the negative issue, if you are feeling over weight... then girl get up (well after reading this blog that is :) start working out and set goals! I know at times it is easier said then done trust me I know, i have put up a few pounds my self due to some stress, however I have decided that i will lose the pounds and feel sexy and pretty. Below are a few celebrity pictures of styles I love, I am not saying lets be someone we are not but lets find our own style or lets guide ourselves from trendsetters. You can put your own style together the importance is to feel good and look good, In my spiritual techniques tips, I say you transmit the vibe of the mood you are in. NOW LETS LOOK FABULOUS!


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