Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I am Loving Today

Pajamas can also be sexy. I love this romper tomboy sexy pj, I own a few of them from different brands and I love it, so does my husband he tells me I look sexy in them.
Holiday Jenna Romper
by Steve Alan
Holiday Crossback Nighty
by Steven Alan
Honestly not always do we go to bed with the sexiest lingerie on, I mean, in my case I don't always wear them however; i am a true believer that one must go to bed feeling comfortable and sexy, not only if you have a partner should you be sexy but even if you are going to bed alone... One of the best feelings is going to be pretty and sexy for some reason I tend to have a good night sleep when i am feeling pretty and sexy! Here are a few pictures of the pajamas that I am loving today. I have 3 drawers in my house just full of sexy lingerie and pajamas of all kinds but what I have found my self wearing a lot of theses days, are very similar to the pictures above.

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