Thursday, December 31, 2015

15 New Years Tips

15 Things To Think and Change In The Upcoming Year

1. Honor your health. Make time every day to tend to your body, mind and spirit.

2. Start! Do it now.

3. Thoughts are things. Are you creating the life you want?

4. Speak your word. Mean it.

5. Love is the basis for everything. Love yourself best and first. Then sprinkle freely!

6. We all have choices. Choose what is right for you while respecting others.

7. Show up! Be present.

8. Have fun! Smile. Laugh. Play. Celebrate.

9. Give. Be generous. There is plenty for everyone.

10. Jump. Risk it. Action banishes fear.

11. Release what you don’t need or it will slow you down.

12. Be grateful. Give thanks.

13. Believe in good things. Have faith!

14. Pray (if you believe)

15. Cherish life everyday!

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