Thursday, December 3, 2015

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done.

If you are like most of us mothers, there never seem to be enough hours in the day.  At the end of the day we find our self exhausted, with dishes in the sink, laundry yet to be done etc.. Aren't you tired of feeling like this all the time!?

In my Browsing I put together, 5 Tips that can help us achieve a better day.

1. Get Plenty of Sleep…(no really!)
Without enough sleep, none of us is at our best.  Let's face it,  not  enough resting / sleep can hinder our productivity, at work, home etc.. Let's start by putting our kids to bed early, having them up with out a sleep time, this limits your relaxation (or chore) time, please make a point to get that much needed sleep in.  If you are like me and  find yourself having a difficult time winding down in the evening, choose a book rather than the TV and limit your caffeine in the afternoon.

2.Create Routines 

Make a habit . Schedule actions, while it may not be down to the minute, know that each minute will hold. For example,  writing emails at a certain time, going to the gym, if you are a working mother, reading time with your little ones, sports and activities with your other kids, play dates, and try to do them daily. Soon that routine will happen on autopilot.
2. Take Care of Yourself
Similar to getting enough sleep, you must take good care of yourself, through diet and exercise. If you’re weak or sick from not eating the right foods or lack of working your muscles, you won’t have enough energy to make it through work (at home or in a work place), extracurricular activities, dinner and homework. 
3. Make Lists and Keep Calendars Updated
Keep appointments and other commitments written on a calendar for easy reference as you’re planning your week. Then, each day, make two lists: the must do and the need to do. The must dos would be just that: the appointments, laundry (when there are no more clean clothes, etc). The need-to-dos would be all of the chores and errands that you would like to accomplish, but realize it’s okay to let go of for that day.
Make your goal to get through the “must-do” list and a few items on the “need-to-do” list …and forgive yourself if you never make it to the “need-to-dos.” To get you on your way.
4. Schedule your Day (and Stick to it)
In planning your day, make a schedule. While it may not be down to the minute, know what each chunk of time will hold. For example, your morning may be 6-7am breakfast and  9-5 work (or if you are a stay at home mom daily busy routins) 1:30-2:30 Lunch, again if you are a stay at home mom play dates. Set aside general timeframes for each of your day’s must dos.
5. Get Everyone on Board with Routines
Depending on your family’s schedule, setting routines will help everyone to be on the same page for each day. If on Saturday morning, for example, you usually do the grocery shopping, that will help the kids to plan to help you (or help your spouse to be available to be with the kids).  Keeping routines will help everyone in your family to work as a team.


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