Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Better You With Just 5 Minutes

A Better You With Just 5 Minutes A day

Good Morning Friends,

Today I want to blog about how can we become more present or tune with ourselves.   Life is not easy, life can be very busy , intense  rewarding, confusing or overwhelming. Despite our busy schedule or the many to-do's we have on our list life can still feel empty and unsatisfying. Yet in a breath of a moment life can change. My mentality is very simple... I have been reading on this 5 minutes to your self in the morning and have taken it in. So I wanted to share my leanings and practices with you, a little at a time.

How to start:

Take the time,  just five minutes  every morning to be really present, to set a clear intention for your self, and throw your self wholeheartedly into an easy to follow practice.

Today I am going to start when waking up in the morning.

I read the following and I have been practicing this as well.  Remember, I am not going to blog about something I haven't tried or am doing. With that being said , Some of us wake up grumpy. Lets start by trying to write down all the good things that happened to you over the past week.  I know, it's not as easy as I you think. However; by making a mental list of a couple of sweet moments, you can sweep away your negativity and replace it with gratitude.

Here are some suggestion to help you trigger your memory.

A friend called you to say they miss you or miss your chats

You helped your elderly neighbor clean the snow of their property and they were so grateful, that you meant everything to them at that moment.

A friend or family member called you to say thank you for something you did to help them.

A stranger suggested that you go ahead of them on a long check line.  I know I have done this... actually feels good.

Someone smiled at you on your way to work, gym or anywhere.

The smaller acts or the briefest occasion is all it takes to remind you of the beauty in your life.

Tomorrow when you wake up, don't take 5 minutes, start by just taking 2 min.  sit in a quiet place.  I have a baby so my quiet place in the morning is the bathroom.  I sit on the floor for about 3-5 min and take the time to practice my breathing, to take in the good things that has happened and the good things I cherish, I also try to let go of the things that are bothering me.  Sit with your legs crossed Indian style, and start by trying to let go of the stress, close your eyes and take breaths in through your nose out through your mouth. Trust me you will feel a tad better and each day as you wake up do the same and increase the time from 2 minutes to 3 minutes, until you can sit for 5 minutes every morning. Tomorrow, start with 2 min with just the breathing techniques.  

I will continue to blog about Taking 5 Minutes To Your Self at least twice a week.

Stay tune for Part 2 of this blog.


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