Thursday, January 14, 2016

Baby Budget Find

Baby Items that are not baby items.

Hello mommies.  Do you need ideas on what to buy your baby?  Sometimes we want things that are way beyond our budget and we can't afford.  Well fear no more.  Today I will help with ideas on how to find that baby throw that you want for your bundle of joy, or just a throw to decorate the baby's nursery.

Let's call it BUDGET FIND.

I 'm not sure what your plans are when it comes to  decorating your babies nursery, but for me this was very easy. Once I found out I was pregnant, and everything was good with my pregnancy, I immediately started planning, and browsing as to what I wanted for my baby.  When it came to decor, I knew I wanted to incorporate the colors grey, white, and black as my main, I would incorporate other colors but these were my main.  Of course, once you start looking around you come across tons of things and stuff that you want, I'm serious one can go crazy looking around.  I knew I wanted these colors, therefore; everything I looked for had to have my colors.  I also knew that I didn't want a character concept,  I just wanted these colors (call me crazy).


I also learned quickly, that baby stuff are extremely expensive, specially when you have expensive taste like me.  I soon had to learn what I wanted to spend lots of money on and what I wanted to tone it down on.  So instead of spending $100.00 on that beautiful black and white throw i wanted for baby Ace, I searched around and found this one (picture above) from Ikea and get this.... just $25.00.  Yay, I was very thrilled and excited to have found this beautiful throw, this was not a baby item but I made it into a baby item and incorporated this to the nursery.  Amanzeballs !!!

See, with patience, time, imagination and effort you can find things you want for a lot less. 

This my friend is my BUDGET FIND.

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