Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ingredients In Your Kitchen

Here are a few ingredients you may find in your kitchen.

4 Beauty Ingredients Found In Your Kitchen

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Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is a big beauty multitasker. Like manuka honey, you can replace a ton of your other products with just one jar! It’s been known to act as a hair mask (for extra smooth hair), makeup remover and even shaving cream. Coconut oil is also a popular choice for oil pulling because of its ability to extract toxins from the skin.

Lemon. Everyone can benefit from lemon, both inside and outside! Besides being a healthy, detoxifying addition to your water or tea, lemon is a great antibacterial ingredient for homemade body scrubs and hair rinses (make sure to dilute with water!).

Cucumber. I am a huge fan of cucumbers. Cutting up a fresh cucumber and using them as DIY eye pads may not be a long term solution for reducing puffiness or brightening those dark circles,  but it actually can help when you’re running low on Zzz’s and have to make an appearance out in public!  The one tip I recommend is to make sure they're cold,  this will help swelling faster.  Based on my research and browsing through the internet , cucumbers also contain antioxidants and flavonoids that can help with irritation.  I am a huge fan of making a daily antioxidant drinks with cucumbers  which if you browse through my blog you will see the recipe.

Oatmeal.  Seriously oatmeal has been my longtime favorite of all time home ingredient that I have used.  Yes, we can use oatmeal for facials friends!! I also blogged about this.  Mix up your oatmeal, honey and sugar.  (stay tune for my beauty tip on this).

Please remember, we all have different skin type, some of us are sensitive  normal etc... always try it first somewhere other than your face before completely using or applying  anything, you never know when you are allergic to something.


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