Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowed In Weekend

Snow Storm Weekend!

Hey y' all.  How was your weekend? As for me, well we all know the storm / blizzard that hit us this past weekend.  It was said to be the second largest in New York City.  

Below is a picture of the boys trying to shovel.  This picture took place at 11:50 PM Saturday night.  

What do you do when a storm is being announced  Well, in my family, we took no chances, we made sure we had everything we needed for the kids and ourselves.  Here are the things we had on our list that we purchased to get storm ready. Food, water is a must, batteries, bath room paper etc.  I have a generator just in case we lose power, but for those that don't own one, make sure you have flash lights at home at all times and batteries.   We also bought a few yummy snacks,  and loaded in fun home activities to do.  We had movies to watch, we had games to play, books to read... It was just a fun relaxing weekend. PJ's all day.  I also chose to leave my curtains of my living room open until our bed time, we was just beautiful sitting in the living room with your family watching movies as the snow falls. 

I must admit, I am proud of myself I couldn't go to the gym but I did my treadmill and worked out at home. Yay me.

Hope you made the best out of your snowed in weekend.

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