Monday, August 16, 2010

My Weekend Recap.

Good Morning Lovers,

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I didn't do much but it sure felt like a good one. Staying home and making it a movie weekend with my 2 reason of living made it the perfect weekend. Friday we watched The Dairy of a Wimpy Kid, and Saturday we watched Our family Wedding, in honor of My 2 yr anv. Lol. My wedding was no were compare to the one in the movie (mine was better lol), but it was nice and funny to watch, we all enjoyed it.

Sunday, lazy lazy day. Stayed home for the most part, in my Victoria Secret Wrap that I love, updated and caught up on my blog, facebook and some reading... along with my morning coffee... I also did the whole breakfast in bed. Loved it. Later on in the evening my family and I headed to dinner at my uncles, where we did a Mexican theme dinner Chicken Quesadillas yum!!! and this my friend made my weekend complete. Sometimes, it is just nice and relaxing to not do much and spend some quality time at home with your family and I did just that this weekend.


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