Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back To School Tips

It's hard to imagine that summer vacation is coming to an end... the days are still long and warm, sleeping-in continues to be the fashion and you may still have another road trip in store.
Mommy's and Daddy's it is the time of the year where we start getting our bundles of joy packed up and ready to take on a new year of school, learning, and lots of knowledge for both parents and children.

Below you will find a few back to school tips, I came across. I must say this year I am very lucky, the Town where I live, kids have to wear uniform, and this makes me happy and this is why, cuts down on the clothing spendings! How do you mommy's and daddy's feel about school uniforms? I personally love it, although it is nice dressing your kids and allowing them to explore their own sense of unique fashion style, and great to see them grow from mommy dressing them to having them pick out their own clothes, but for our budget uniform really helps.


Shop at Home

Before you go shopping, take a home inventory of school supplies and clothes. Have your kids try on last year’s jeans to see if they still fit, and make a note of what basic clothing items need to be replaced. Look in drawers and cabinets to find the notebooks and calculators you already have.

Shopping Stragety

It’s tempting to do all your back-to-school shopping at once and get it over with, but you’ll save more money by shopping around. Go online to look at sales circulars, compare prices, and find out which stores in your area match competitors’ prices. If your state has a sales tax holiday, save big purchases for days they will be tax-free.

At some point, you’re bound to clash with your kids over clothes. Avoid power struggles in clothing stores by being prepared to suggest compromises. Have your daughter pair a spaghetti strap top with a T-shirt. When your son picks out oversize pants, find a pair of baggy pants in his size that won’t fall down when he walks. ( I can not stand to see kids walk around with their pants half way their butts)


Heavy books and a poorly fitting backpack can cause muscle injuries and joint problems. Be sure to choose a backpack for your child that is lightweight when empty. Look for backpacks that have these features:
two wide, padded shoulder straps that don’t dig into shoulders
a padded back
a waist strap
a chest strap
Healthy Foods

The grocery store is an important back-to-school stop. Pick a variety of nutritious foods for your kids to eat for breakfast. Eating a good breakfast helps students concentrate better in class and maintain a healthy weight. If your children are tired of cereal, try bagels with a nut butter, smoothies. If your child is into sports like my son make sure he is eating healthy.

I will continue blogging about back to school tips, and information through out the month of August... Stay Tune.


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