Sunday, August 15, 2010

Do You Think You Are Expecting?

Pregnant? Not pregnant? Before you start getting too excited (or start freaking out), here’s a few simple starter tips to help tell if you might be preggos:
You’re tired: You come home from work and can barely keep your eyes open. Try to get your rest now… Chances may be that you are expecting.

You’re nauseous: Keep the crackers near by, you start to eat something and all of a sudden your stomach takes a turn, and now you feel nauseous.

You pee all the time: The bathroom will become your best friend. Might as well get in a routine of keeping the bathroom spotless now. No one wants to lay their head on a dirty toilet.

Food aversions: WWIII almost started in my household when I couldn’t find a place that had French home mad breaded pizza. I hadn’t had it in about 2 years, but you would have thought the world was going to end if I didn’t eat it. My ex-husband … He called these nights, my “pregnancy meltdown!”

Mood swings: All of the above will explain it.

*BONUS* You could always take a pregnancy test, too.

Good Luck

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