Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stress Relief Techniques

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Today I am going to blog about the importance, of breathing techniques, when one is feeling stressed. Work, is killing me these days, I am loaded with tons to do and no time to think, move or even go to the ladies room, yes friends that busy! The more I do, the more gets handed to me... I can not take one more project! therefore; I decided to browse through the net and see what I can find to help me alleviate some of my work stress and handle the situation better, This is what I came across. I will be trying this i hope it works... so if you are stressed my friend you may want to but this to the test... I hope it works for you as well.

Release Tension with Stress Relief Breathing.
Stress relief breathing is an excellent way to release tension, and melt away the aggravations of the day. Stress relief breathing is recommended by doctors, as well as mental health professionals,as a helpful method of reducing anxiety, and promoting a calm sense of well-being. You can practice your breathing anywhere you happen to be,at anytime you begin to feel stressed. If done on a regular basis, you can even prevent the stress from occurring in the first place.

  • Very slowly, begin inhaling deeply, paying close attention to how your lungs are filling up with air.

  • Breathe in as deeply as you can, feeling the expansion of your chest.
    If you can, hold your breath for a count of five.

  • Again, very slowly, release the air from your chest.

  • Focus on how your lungs are slowly deflating. You should be letting the air out almost in a hiss.
Repeat the process two or three times, and you'll start noticing a difference in the way you feel. You may feel light headed, or even sleepy. That's perfectly normal, so don't be alarmed. You've done a wonderful job in releasing negative energy from your body.

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