Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time Relax

All I need right now is sometime to relax.
Relaxing is a funny thing. We all say we want to relax more, but then we say we don’t know how to relax.

I don’t think its so much we don’t know how to relax, I think we don’t allow ourselves the time to relax. No one can’t relax in five minutes in front of the TV. We can’t do it while sitting at a red light. We need to make time each day to do something we really enjoy. Read a book, work in the yard, paint a picture. It doesn’t matter what we do to relax. It only matters that we are doing something that makes us release the stress of the day and allows our body and mind to relax. Let us try to put this to the test. I know I did relaxed this past Sunday and I loved it... Since at times my blog is like a journal, I figured I would share with my readers how in need of a relaxed day I need.

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